Meet Our Staff

Molly Wellmann at Japp's



Molly is a self-taught mixologist born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She spent twelve years living and working in San Francisco and returned to her beloved hometown to be closer to family. Since her return, she has shaken up the classic cocktail scene not only in her hometown but also across the nation. 

Molly takes pride in her immense knowledge of the history and proper preparation of classic cocktails and fine spirits, which she has gleaned mainly from reading old books. Cincinnati has a rich history in libations and Molly has brought this history back to life using classic cocktails, invented in the 1700s to 1950s, as a base for creating new and innovative drinks. She shakes, stirs, and pours her imaginative rendition of these classics to palate perfection using handmade simple syrups, bitters, liquors, and fresh juices. 

In 2019, Nightclub and Bar Media awarded Molly Best Bartender/Owner in the Nation.

Over the years, Molly has worked at many popular restaurants and bars throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and she is humbled to be a part of this creative community. She is now owner of Japp’s, founded in 1879, located on Main Street, in the heart of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhood Over-the-Rhine. Molly and her famed establishment, Japp’s, have been honored countless times by local, as well as national, media outlets and the people of this community, all offering praise for the work she as accomplished in Cincinnati, bringing classic cocktails and old neighborhoods back to life. 


General Manager

Jen Watts, Japps' General Manager, is an industry veteran with a Fine Arts degree from DAAP. She’s always working behind the scenes, but she’s never happier than when she’s behind the bar making cocktails and laughing with guests. She loves all kinds of different spirits, but her favorite is Campari. If asked, she’d like an Americano “with two olives, please."



Adrienne has been bartending for 8 years. Her favorite thing about bartending is making something the guest have never tried before and having them love it! To her, the best part of her job at Japp’s is being behind the bar with some true rock star bartenders. Her favorite spirit is tequila. She’s a Cincinnati native with hopes of taking her skills to the Big Apple someday, but this will always be her home ❤️



This Cincinnati native expresses her dynamic talent, leadership and creativity as chef, bartender, and by hosting her pop ups throughout the city for the last 10 years. As a diehard Bengals fan, Halichea also enjoys traveling, fashion, music, and scotch whiskey.



Jeremy is Japps' longest-tenured bartender, the founder of our monthly tiki night, and is also commonly referred to as our unofficial “Ambassador of Fun” or as he calls it, Vitamin F. When you see him behind the bar, ask him to make his version of his favorite cocktail, the Singapore Sling.



Tyler has worked at Japp’s since the first year of its opening. He has done about every job there is, from painting the walls on an off Sunday to making gin fizzes. When he’s not in the bar, he is touring the country with a race car, traveling anywhere from Tulsa to Seattle. His favorite drink? An Old Overholt Manhattan on the rocks, Carpano Antica vermouth only, 3 cherries.



Danny McPherson, or “Good Danny” as our Friday happy hour band likes to call him, started at Japp’s 6 years ago working security on the weekends and has since grown to become one of our core bartenders. Even though he “loves it” when the other bartenders volunteer him to shake their Ramos Gin Fizzes, what he would actually love to do is customize a classic for you with his own unique twirl.



After spending 10 years in Hong Kong, this professional chef by trade is now behind the bar at Japp's! Ask Veronica to make you her favorite drink, a classic whiskey sour.



And then there’s Adam. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Adam took to the bottle... to make beverages. Adam has been shaking and stirring up (and perfectly diluting) dreams for 4 years. When he’s not behind the stick, you can find Adam designing graphics, running the streets, or jauntily sipping rosé and whiskey at his favorite local watering hole.



Sandrina spent nearly a decade around the corner from Japp’s, attending school in the historic Creative and Performing Arts building with her pal and coworker, Zeque. She went on to get her BA in English, and now is channeling her creativity into beverages; slinging espresso by day and stirring sazeracs by night. She loves fashion, Motley Crue, and running around cemeteries with her beloved Irish Wolfhound mongrel.



Peyton has been bartending and working in the downtown area for over a decade. For the past six years, he has divided his time between Cincinnati and Ocracoke Island, bartending seasonally in both places. He always enjoys being back in his hometown Cincinnati, singing, dancing and playing his guitar. His favorite spirit is bourbon and his favorite cocktail is a Boulevardier!



Zeque, whose enthusiasm and smile are contagious, likes to make drinks as fun as he is. He excels at non-alcoholic mocktails, as he believes everyone should be able to able to have a good time. His favorite spirit to play with is gin - ask about his take on a Negroni!